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The aesthetic value of
vintage frames

Frame Montana is made by founder Younghoon, “Montana” Choi.
As avid collection and users of vintage min-century and American eyewear unsatisfied with modern reprints and applications, Choi decided to launch Frame Montana is an effort to provide proper modern interpretations of classic, simple eyewear of this period.

Frame Montana’s aim is to cultivate an affinity for the timeless beauty – as opposed to the ever – changing trends of contemporary – designed eyewear – of vintage – designed eyewear through its position as a market leader. While doing so, Frame Montana’s progressive goal is to contribute not only accurate remakes of vintage eyewear but also tastefully re-interpreted modern classics.

Brand Concept


French and American Vintage

Vintage French eyewear’s chic, tasteful curves and flowing form; vintage American eyewear’s raw, back to the basics line. Frame Montana’s combination of these two styles is an innovative attempt to both enhance their individual virtues and maximize their synergies.

Optimal Balance

The key factor in the beauty of eyewear is balance. The size and length of the rim (frame covering the eye), bridge (area connecting the two rims) and endpiece (area connecting the outside of each rim to the temple) must be properly balanced. Frame Montana has implemented an artistic balance by dealing with over a thousand vintage eyewear frames consulting with expert and interviewing panels.


All Frame Montana products are manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer located in Sabae, Japan with over 50 years of experience. The products are designed and produced through a partnership with a Japanese eyewear agency recently awardee the 2017 Grand prix in historic Japanese eyewear design competition. Frame Montana is the result of true craftmanship requiring proven experience and tradition and a high degree of handmade processes.

Best quality material

All Frame Montana eyewear consist of acetate material produced solely from the original Italian factory of Mazzucchelli, an Italian acetate known for the world class quality titanium and all minor materials are custom manufactured for Frame Montana only. Optimal design is implemented through superlative materials.